Bubbles of Resilience: Exploring the Link between Sparkling Wine and Post-Traumatic Growth

At My Tribe, we are always seeking unique experiences to inspire and create connection in our teams. Recently, we had the opportunity to visit Mereworth Wines, a local family-run maker of sparkling wines. Little did we know that this visit would not only delight our senses but also provide us with a profound metaphor for resilience and the power of post-traumatic growth.

The Magic of Sparkling Wine:

Just like the transformation of grapes into sparkling wine, our journey through life often involves enduring periods of intense pressure. Mereworth Wines showed us how this pressure is harnessed to create something beautiful, sparkling, and full of life. From the pressing of grapes to the second fermentation that creates the bubbles, each step of the winemaking process requires resilience and patience.

Post-Traumatic Growth:

Similarly, when children face adversity and trauma, they can experience tremendous personal growth. Post-traumatic growth refers to the positive psychological changes that can occur after a challenging life event. It is an incredibly powerful concept that emphasizes the capacity of individuals to thrive, even in the face of adversity.

Building Resilience:

As we explored the vineyard and learned about the meticulous process of making sparkling wine, we couldn't help but draw parallels to the children we care for. Like the vines, they too can face significant hardships that shape their lives. However, just as the vine's roots
grow deeper and stronger, adversity can cultivate resilience within these young hearts.

Lessons from Mereworth Wines:

Mereworth Wines taught us several valuable lessons that resonate with the journey of post-traumatic growth:

1. Embracing Pressure:

The process of creating sparkling wine requires the grapes to withstand immense pressure. Similarly, children who have experienced trauma can use that pressure as a catalyst for growth. By embracing and acknowledging their experiences, they can find the strength to overcome them.

2. Patience and Perseverance:

Crafting sparkling wine is a patient and time-consuming process. It is a reminder that healing and personal growth take time. It requires consistent effort, understanding, and support from caregivers and professionals.

3. Celebrating Life's Bubbles:

Just as sparkling wine is associated with celebrations and joy, post-traumatic growth encourages individuals to find happiness and meaning in their lives despite the challenges they have faced. It emphasizes the importance of celebrating small victories and milestones along the path to recovery.


Our visit to Mereworth Wines was a remarkable experience that allowed us to draw parallels between the creation of sparkling wine and the concept of post-traumatic growth. We were reminded of the remarkable resilience that lies within each child we care for and the potential for them to flourish, even in the face of adversity.

At My Tribe, we will continue to nurture and support these young individuals, recognizing that just as sparkling wine is a testament to the transformative power of pressure, so too can trauma be a catalyst for growth and strength. Through understanding, compassion, and unwavering support, we believe that each child has the capacity to find their own unique sparkle and thrive in a world full of possibilities.

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